SIP Project
Job Opportunities Bot

The Job Opportunities Bot is a Discord Bot that allows users to scan for job offers of any kind in a fast and efficient way. We all get tired of scanning every website known to man, so just try the J.O.B!

The goal of the J.O.B is to to allow struggling high school and college student is graduates an easier time looking for the perfect job. We can search all we want on our own, or with one click you can see job opportunities that and handpicked just for you!

Because our audience is focused on young students using Discord as the foundation seemed only natural because of its popularity with the younger generation.

We want everyone who uses the J.O.B to find exactly what they are looking for using the personal scan algorithm that I made myself. We want to ensure that you feel heard.

Innovation Claim

The project is innovative because the program will interact with more than one job searching website as opposed to other job search bots and will include options to better tailor to each user, creating a custom search experience